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Framing Text: 

PHASE III was realized through a residency at Chance House, John Cage Memorial Park in Chance, Maryland and at Salisbury University and W.O.R.K Gallery. Through the residency, PPL (Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle, Kaia Gilje) wrote and workshopped a 3-movement opera ("Hole at Last") as a presentation of research, meant to be performed "at a later date," "afterwards" or "as if emergent from nowhere/everywhere." 

Movement I concepts and scores were practiced through a workshop with students at Salisbury University, resulting in a 1-hour operetta performed in the TV studio at Salisbury University

Movement II was an interactive digital/analog gallery exhibition at Salisbury University's Electronics Gallery. 

Movement III was a score for a performing audience throughout the W.O.R.K Gallery's rooms, spaces, and plot of land; processes, tasks, invitations, relational prompts, images, pie, and other materials and matters were processed through forms of treasure hunt, karaoke, envelope-passing, and fragmented, (en)coded digital and analog patterns. 

Other process with Human Trash Dump, at Wal-Mart, and on Chesapeake Bay/around Chance Maryland tangentially related...