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Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) is a lab site (@104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, NY), a thinktank, and a performance-making entity. PPL's praxis involves intentional living and life-art, social gathering, meaning-and-matter-materialization processes, experimental philosophy and practial ethics, interactive and relational modes, and theorization-as-theatricalization (and vice versa). 

As a peformance-making entity, PPL performs operations (opera, performance art, digital, interactive and sonic artworks, video, sculpture, social projects, life-art projects) initiated/situated/structured/written/composed/fabricated/designed and performed by Esther Neff and usually Brian McCorkle, often in collaboration with a flexible ensemble, other artists and organizers, members of local and global communities, and publics of individuals. PPL's operas-of-operations have culminated at Salisbury University (Embarrassed of the Whole Movements I, II, III, 3rd phase) Momenta Art (Any Size Mirror is a Dictator: a 7-week evolving installation and durational performances, in collaboration with Lindsey Drury and two ensembles), ISSUE Project Room, The Brick, the cell, Wild Project, Silent Barn, Dixon Place, Manhattan Theatre Source, ABC No Rio, across from the NY Stock Exchange at 14 Wall Street through LMCC, on 37th and 42nd St and in Harlem through chashama, on the street as part of undergroundzero (to name a few situations in NYC) and as relational processes across the USA (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Iowa City, St. Louis, Toledo, Akron, Lexington, Louisville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver), in Berlin (Gruntaler9, TheaterACUD, Leibig12, KuLe Theater), Copenhagen (Hitparaden at the Pumpehust), London (performance [s p a c e] and elsewhere. PPL has often performed as Visiting Artists (holding "workshop" form performances such as those previously done at Salisbury University, University of Kentucky, MassArt) and in experimental philosophy, music, dance, theater, activist, and visual arts contexts.  PPL's recordings have been released on Gold Bolus Recordings. PPL's current project PROTAGONISM (2018-19) involves an array of forms and modes researching narrative-construction and consciousness. PPL processes and projects are also taking place at MARSH in St. Louis. 

The lab site is home to PERFORMANCY FORUM and many events, meetings, situations, social projects, and performances. 

As a thinktank, PPL has published books, essays, diagrams, and organized live public thinktanking sessions (9 PROPOSITIONS is the 2018 thinktank project)

CONTACT: SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST HERE: PPL Space is located at 104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206


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