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I Am a Broom Who Sweeps

Framing Text:

Video documentation by Lola Blake. Curated by ieke trinks.
6 hours, 02/15/2020

9 “conceptual event surveys” (Loss, Revelation, Conflict, Transition, Accident, Sickness, Transgression, Breakage, Achievement) filled out by those present and put through a slot in a large handsewn curtain with the words "I am a _____ who _____"

Kaia and Esther substantiate each survey through a 3-part score (1) someone in this room _______ [conceptual event qualities/affects] (2) performer’s body is a _________ [relic] who/that _______[properties/affects] (3) performers take turns realizing ___________[conceptual event/relic properties]. One performer reads the input conceptual event surveys into this semantical framework while the other performer realizes the score. 

Relics incorporated: clock, underwear/bell, clothespins, tiles/ironing board, paintballs, folding chair, broom, chain, broken stones, each correlated with conceptual event/previous embodiments, pencil sharpener used by participants.