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Institution is a Verb

2019 to 2020
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Institution is a Verb

Institution is a Verb is a compendium of community-contributed texts, scores, notes, and documentation culminating and indexing 7 years of collaboration, para-capitalist research, and performative institution during Panoply Performance Laboratory’s operations as a laboratory site at 104 Meserole Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Gathering texts, documentation, scores, notes, and recollections from the community of performance makers, witnesses, and others who actualized PPL’s operation as a lab site at 104 Meserole Street 2012–2018, this project echoes, recognizes, and critically reflects upon (p)articular performances, forms of gathering, collective ideation procedures, and (for)bearances of witness practiced across the site, its situations, and multiplicit envisaging processes. To presence, to difference, to practical, performative resilience, descriptions of what was seen, how some felt, what one did and why are dedicated in documentary formats. In context, for history, in substantiation of the value of each other, PPL (in lab iteration) culminates 7 years of collaboration, para-capitalist research, and performative institution (institution as a verb).


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Editorial Committee: Esther Neff, Ayana Evans, Tsedaye Makonnen, Elizabeth Lamb, and The Operating System founder/director ELÆ


Between 2012 and 2018, Panoply Performance Laboratory operated as and through a lab site located at 104 Meserole St. in Brooklyn, NY.

More information and a full list of PPL events and projects can be found at:, artist names and event titles searchable.