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"SIRENES CALLING" curated by Felix Morelo

Saturday, March 8th 2014
Event Description: 


Most shows begin with a theme followed by invitations for artists to participate. For “SIRENES CALLING”, I did not have a theme and neither had I see any of the artists perform before. This became a major challenge
In the process of getting to know the artists, their work, and in trying to find a common thread and theme that unified us, it became apparent that this was a sort of collaboration. It was very influential that this show happened to fall on International Women’s Day and that three of the participating artists are women.
Part of the show is a celebration of this day but it should also be seen as four individual artists aiming to express universal ideas about the human condition from their unique point of view.


Lulu Obermayer performing : ESTROGEN/OXYGEN

Felix Morelo performing "TRANSFORMATION"

Ernest Goodman performing: "Bait Flies"

Anastasia Freygand performing: "UNTITLED"

“SIRENES CALLING” was curated by Felix Morelo with contributions from Lulu Obermayer, Anastasia Freygand, and Ernest Ernest Goodman