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The Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival

Saturday, October 3rd 2015

naked roots conducive and the super coda will present a series of events in the upcoming weeks that focus on the space between song and narrative. we'll host five events at five participating brooklyn venues. we'll seek to create a context in which song once again births ritual and is in no way prescribed by people who mostly don't give a shit. we'll attempt to witness song writing and sung performance from as many different angles as possible: from inception to decay, from influx to arborescence, from the entertaining to the funereal.

our hope is to build a strong platform that enables us to make this carnival a tri-yearly occurrence.

naked roots conducive will close each night with a performance.

we will all of us connect and continue connecting until artistic transfusion is possible, body and soul.


10/3 @ Panoply Performance Laboratory -
grex -
india czajkowska -

we have launched a GoFund me campaign to help cover costs for traveling artists (of which there are quite a few). please help if you are able to!
all shows begin at 8.
$5-15 at the door.

i live to speak to/for Presence. i believe that the artists that i find qualify as experimental songwriters (or song-improvisors) are, as a group, totally present in their creative and performative processes. i can, with some confidence, say that the act of being present is the most experimental act of all.

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