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Performancy forum: YES the beyond (themes/drama/body)

Thursday, February 1st 2018

KARL COONEY (documentation)

....lengthy exposition (scroll down)...Ayana Evans sent an email introducing performance art organizers in NYC/metro area to Atadja Lèwa, who will be in NYC for a very short time only, in the throes of some very intense international travel and practice. Yes, absolutely! We have a free night at PPL in the throes of show season, yes let's do it. Atadja says yes to Feb 1, and yes, curate other artists, who speak to themes like death, love, identity, sexuality (INDEED). Who's around and has been doing (p)articularly interesting things? Yes! 3dwardsharp hasn't performed @PPL recently (they just moved back to Brklyn), Uniska Wahalo Kano just posted on facebook that she wants "gigs"=DONE/anytime, and w/ Nia Nottage there happens to be email correspondence already in process about some potent work + yes, these four together crosses powerwires w/high potential to generate tactile+cognitive+agentic forms of disturbance and desire = invitation: information: confirmation (yes). Karl volunteers to document/perform doc. YAAS this is going to be *YES* (surge) now someone has to write "blurbs," for "the outside" which is a real problem I.E. if you want YES=thisisart one is supposed to write something like this::: "these four artists investigate thresholds and tolerances. using their bodies to transgress social codes, cross-contaminating "real" and virtual spaces, and working over the sharp edges of nationalities, personalities, identities, and intimacies blah blah "shock" metaphor" (basically: believe it lady, ART = states beyond death) bbbut to whom/&forwhy do we give up the ghost? (DOWN WITH CULTURAL IMPERIALISM) language is not the opposite of sex (YES! MAKE ME CRY) & you are not the opposite of me, death is not the opposite of any-thing (DRAMA) &neither is it no-thing; THEMES! take off your uniforms! don't just stand in the DOORWAY, come in!

++++++pay-what-you-can-for-the-artists+++++beer++++come-and-go-as-you-wish++++ FOUR PERFORMANCES:

Atadja Lèwa was born in Abymes, Guadeloupe, studied at the Institute of Visual Arts in Martinique and graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Paris Cergy (ENSAPC). Phibel explores topics such as the place of the individual within the collective identity. He has performed in the context of mass mobilizations in the streets of Paris, among which the “Never Poor Man” series that took place during the strikes of January 2009. His works featured in France, Benin, Cameroon, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

Nia Nottage is a performance artist and sometimes dj/veejay/v-j day.

Uniska Wahalo Kano is a well-known interventionist, street performance artist, and serial breaker of dress codes who may be Googled. 

«death & respiratory distress»

or also i’m like, nah, imma see old
death can be comfortable 
just gotta wear it right (i know, right?) 
you know what they say about people who talk to catz? (i hope it’s not true.)
homesexualz & vicodin 
you’re necessary
blood stainz
my blood
your necessary 
blood stainz
my blood
sit, stand, sit, stand


Matthew Gantt: Iterations

Sunday, September 18th 2016

Installation open from 1pm-8pm

Performance at 8pm featuring: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Julia Santoli, Akio Mokuno, Amelia Marzec, Hans Tammen, Cesspool + Karl Cooney



Presenting a pop-up recording studio as functional sculpture, a double cassette album release, and a complex network of conceptual research, Iterations is an investigation into the production of recorded media in the age of digital plasticity.

Gallery visitors are invited to participate in a call for realizations during installation hours, to be featured as part of the resultant cassette release by Gold Bolus Recordings. Other processes on display explore methodologies for the creation of media that exists as both infinitely reproducible form and procedurally unique content.

Drawing equally from Walter Benjamin's conception of aura and Brian Eno's writings on generative music, these systems will culminate in an evening length performance intended to highlight the works included in Iterations as the confluence of event, artifact and documentation. 




Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City. His creative work focuses on the use of live electronics and open systems as metaphorical structures, as well as the overlapping nature of contemporary artistic production and consumption. Gantt has performed or presented work at a range of New York venues, including Roulette, Issue Project Room, the New Museum, Silent Barn and the Stone, as well as internationally at IRCAM Academy in Paris. He holds a M.M. in composition from CUNY Brooklyn, and currently works as a studio assistant to Morton Subotnick.

Trauma salon : disorder & detachment

Thursday, January 28th 2016

nostalgia is life-threatening. mercury retrograde is a real thing. how much more can you tolerate? how many systems have you recycled in your life?
everything is necessary. more will be revealed. everyone's in love. everybody's terrified. we are a collective book; writing & editing each other, always.
in such a way, we endlessly sustain.

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