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Marcelline Mandeng

PERFORMANCY FORUM: Sympathetic Mimesis

Thursday, March 3rd 2016

Joern Burmester (
Marcelline Mandeng (
Heeran Lee (
Zhenesse Heinemann (
Anya Liftig (

does an effect resemble what it causes or what has caused it / is this body like any other bodies / will your sympathy do a damn thing for me or mine for you / do objects and subjects, having been in contact with each other, continue to react upon one another / am i a contagion / does this remind you of anything / watch my face closely / look into my eyes / am i feeling you or is this a representation of somewhere else / are you somewhere else or are you in me already / ...?

pay-what-you-can $5-20 for the artists and their travel to nyc


Sunday, October 18th 2015


4-6pm Public discussion with Thomas Albrecht on Victor Turner ++ the day's presenters on dramaturgy, anthropology, and symbolic interactionism, role-playing, Theatrum Mundi, and relationships between these models, fields, performance studies, and the conceptual modeling maintaining capitalism-as-consciousness.

6pm-8pm lecture-performances by:
Nathaniel Sullivan
Nicole Brydson

No Wave Performance Task Force

9:00-12 performances by:
Marcelline Mandeng
Angela Freiberger
Christen Clifford and Hector Canonge: COLOSSAL ACCELERATION

@Panoply Performance Laboratory, beverages lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.


PF: QUINQ is open to the public with a suggested donation of $10-20 to support/reimburse the artists

For the Full Schedule for PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL: A Performance Conference October 8-25:

conference = a situation during which persons confer
conferance = a "con" like "comicon" for makers and fans
conference = a culmination of a period of labor
conference = states of being and becoming together

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