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Thomas Bell

Trauma salon : disorder & detachment

Thursday, January 28th 2016

nostalgia is life-threatening. mercury retrograde is a real thing. how much more can you tolerate? how many systems have you recycled in your life?
everything is necessary. more will be revealed. everyone's in love. everybody's terrified. we are a collective book; writing & editing each other, always.
in such a way, we endlessly sustain.

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Friday, May 31st 2013

Bushwick Open Studios at Panoply Performance Laboratory FORENSICS OF THE FUTURE DAY ONE: SITE Beginning at 7pm, there will be site-specific performances by: Matthew Gantt Ellen O'Meara Cory Bracken Joe White Thomas Bell

Many of these performances will be using the "piano wall" installed in Panoply's front gate (originally installed by Thomas Bell, also performing).

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