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Thomas John Bacon

WORKSHOP+PERFORMANCE with Thomas John Bacon: SELF/s Portrait

Thursday, June 18th 2015

Workshop 7-8pm
Participants will work with Thomas John Bacon and then perform with him as part of PERFORMANCY FORUM starting at 8pm (

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SELF/s Portrait is a disseminative action, offering the open reciprocal enactment of the self portrait of Thomas John Bacon in exchange with the Being of each participant; acknowledging how each individual brings something distinctively different to the presence of an image and its perception.

It thereby facilitates a visual representation of the multiplicity of Self/s that Bacon proposes exists within each of us while creating a portrait for the performance artist that works primarily through action. To date it has been performed in Berlin, Germany (MPA), Birmingham, UK (HFWAS) and will now be staged in Brooklyn - NYC, USA (PPL).


Thomas John Bacon is an artist whose work focuses upon the conception of the body, Being & the idea of a multiplicity of Self/s in performance. His work can be located within the framework of performance art & philosophical/phenomenological investigations that look to de/construct & challenge perception, alongside the assumed liminal barriers of body-based art.

He is known for creating artworks that capture an altered space, environment, or period of time that regardless of scale, will often make intense, sometimes visceral, beautiful pieces that place the body in extremis.

Thomas John Bacon lives and works in the UK. He has been exhibiting his work since 2001 and internationally since 2009. Thomas John Bacon is the artistic director of the international festival Tempting Failure which is supported by Arts Council England.

In 2014 The British Library selected this website for their permanent archive & he was also invited to become a Live Art UK Associate Member.

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PERFORMANCY FORUM: holding/withholding and indulgence/austerity

Thursday, June 18th 2015

The form of this event will involve: six artists performing individually but in response as two and one artist with you.

WORKSHOP/PARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE w/ Thomas John Bacon: 7pm (max 15 participants, RSVP to, info here:

PERFORMANCES in the following order + durational:
begin at 8:00pm:

THOMAS JOHN BACON (UK) w/ workshop participants
LEAH ARON + SCOTT SHANNON (USA) **’-his-wife-her-lover/

Suggested donation for workshop and performances $5-20 sliding scale FOR THE ARTISTS.

Austerity is a valuation schema that devalues humans, urging us to work harder and harder to justify our value to corporations and institutions as they withhold more and more resources. While austerity is a formal, conservative political and economic manoeuvre, withholding is also an act of devaluation, used as an abusive emotional and psychological tactic or emergent as a symptom of waning respect.

How do we show respect and value each other? What do we give each other? What do we take? How are we ourselves and not ourselves? How are we others? Critical surveys, homages, interpretations, and projections in the forms of performances.

This PERFORMANCY FORUM will perform resistance to austerity, to withholding, and the systematic devaluing of creative labor: INDULGE (IN) EACH OTHER!

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