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Sunday, October 18th 2015


4-6pm Public discussion with Thomas Albrecht on Victor Turner ++ the day's presenters on dramaturgy, anthropology, and symbolic interactionism, role-playing, Theatrum Mundi, and relationships between these models, fields, performance studies, and the conceptual modeling maintaining capitalism-as-consciousness.

6pm-8pm lecture-performances by:
Nathaniel Sullivan
Nicole Brydson

No Wave Performance Task Force

9:00-12 performances by:
Marcelline Mandeng
Angela Freiberger
Christen Clifford and Hector Canonge: COLOSSAL ACCELERATION

@Panoply Performance Laboratory, beverages lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.


PF: QUINQ is open to the public with a suggested donation of $10-20 to support/reimburse the artists

For the Full Schedule for PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL: A Performance Conference October 8-25:

conference = a situation during which persons confer
conferance = a "con" like "comicon" for makers and fans
conference = a culmination of a period of labor
conference = states of being and becoming together


Saturday, July 11th 2015

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<O> <O> medusa is laughing
you better run <O> <O>

we debate "power" and objectification (the turning into stone of the living) + love

part of the ongoing platform PERFORMANCY FORUM ( curated by the fen serf.


Saturday, April 19th 2014

+TITLE:POINT via Theresa Buchheister: "sss ttt rrr 333 111 11.11.00 an artificial human makes it with art"


+++NICK NEIHART The Mistreatment of

++++JOE WHITE and the Illegal Dads

+Theresa Buchheister is a native Kansan. Ten years ago she moved to NY to work with Richard Foreman. Since then, she started Title:Point, initially with Samara Naeymi. She now steers that ship with Ryan William Downey and Scott Ries in residence at The Silent Barn. She has been fortunate to make theatre all over NY, with all sorts of artists: Dixon Place, Incubator Arts, Bushwick Starr, HERE, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, Secret Project Robot, Legion Bar, K&M Bar, Lost Horizons Night Market, Secret Parks, Jeff Stark, Harrison David Rivers, Judith Malina, Buran Theatre, Cambridge Literary Review, and many more. Upcoming: 100% Robot Party at Silent Barn, Pilot Balloon in Kansas, Bloomsday Spectacular at Silent Barn, FUTURISTS!, our palindrome play Never Odd Or Even, a Prez themed Gestating Baby, The Mind King... Into eternity and into the depths. Title:Point presents the beginnings of our beginning of FUTURISTS!, which will run for two weeks in August at The Silent Barn. Featuring: Theresa Buchheister, Scott Ries, Ryan William Downey, E. Jim Ford, Spencer Campbell, and Joey LePage.

++Christen Clifford is a performance artist, writer, actor, curator and mother. Her work has been shown at PPL, IV Soldiers, PS 122, Galapagos Art Space, Grace Exhibition Space among others. She is a member of the feminist performance collective the No Wave Performance Task Force and recently participated in The Feminist Art Project’s day of panels at CAA in Chicago, which was fun. She has been a visiting scholar at NYU and currently teaches theatre and performance at SUNY Purchase. Her cartoon "My Home Birth" with David Heatley was called “Punk Rock Childbirth Ed” by Babble and “Hilarious and uncensored” by Flavorpill. She was an actor in downtown theatre for 15 years performing at HERE, Joe’s Pub, The Public, NYTW, Culture Project as well as theatre row and various storefronts and basements. She also played Detective Sherwood on As The World Turns in the ‘90’s. She is a curator at Dixon Place and her writing has appeared in in The M Word: Real Mothers In Contemporary Art, Gotta Have It, The Evergreen Review,Truthdig, Culturebot, Nerve, Salon, Identity Theory, Smith Magazine, Time Out New York Kids and the Puffington Ho’. Upcoming work includes Experiemnts and Disorders at Dixon Place on April 22nd; “Whores and More” at The Tom Murrin Festival at LaMama on April 25 and 26th; and an essay “MotherDaughterMoustache” in the Penguin anthology Women in Clothes, edited by Shelia Heti, Leanne Shrapton and Heidi Julavits. BFA NYU/TSOA/Playwrights Horizons Theatre School (purple group!), and MFA The New School. Partner of writer McKenzie Wark and mother to Felix and Vera. tumblr/christen.clifford.

+++Nick Neihart The Mistreatment of Gregor is a loose interpretation of Kafka's Metamorphosis in which the artist reenacts the feelings and happenings of Gregor, the ostracized and misunderstood son turned beetle. The idea behind the piece is to portray the value our culture places on art as well as to offer the audience a chance to directly influence the performance, guiding it with their participation or lack thereof. The end result is the eucharist of the artist, a kind of breaking oneself open and pouring oneself out for the sake of art itself. The piece is performed by traveling musician and artist, Nick Neihart.

++++Joe White is a composer, songwriter, and guitarist in Brooklyn. He is a member of Uptown Girls, sullivann, and Rady and Bloom Theater Company. White composes regularly for experimental theater pieces-most recently "Lost Tribe," an off-off-broadyway work presented by Target Margin Theater. His album, "Cockfights (2005-2009)" was recently released on Gold Bolus Recordings.

WE ARE SCORES: Casings and Treatments

Saturday, November 16th 2013

WE ARE SCORES: Casings and Treatments Performance artists focus on casings and treatments of the body associated with the performance of femininity.







This installment of the No Wave Performance Task Force's "We Are Scores" series is curated by René Kladzyk, who writes: "In some ways, this focus is intended to deal with notion of a costume as being somehow 'false' or 'deceptive,' when the performance of identity is composed of layers upon layers of material and immaterial reference points, or 'masks.' I am thinking here of Roland Barthes' commentary on costume as a reference point, both its 'diseases' and semantic functions. Another building point is the manner that fashion has tended to be differentiated from artistic expression, how this distinction may be linked to patriarchy, and how shared reference points of bodily housing may or may not serve as fascinating items of analysis and symbolic markers of meaning."

SILENT MAIL! PPL and the Immaterial Museum of Scotland

Friday, March 22nd 2013

9 artists from each city have sent performance scores across the sea to be performed respectively in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Brooklyn, USA. Most performances on the Brooklyn end will be shown on Friday night, March 22. A few of the performances require outdoor travel, a longer time period, and the like, and will be scheduled for Saturday, March 23, and beyond.

Edinburgh performances of the Brooklyn artists' scores will be shown via livestream also on March 22. In Brooklyn, the performing artists will be...: Sherry Alberti Ivy Castellanos Christen Clifford Richard Kamerman Jon Konkol Valerie Kuehne Courtney Leigh Novak Anya Liftig (livestream from Kentucky) Brian McCorkle

In Edinburgh, the performing artists will be: Sarah Boulton Sian Robinson Davies Jessica Dunleavy Harry Giles James Harding Marcus O'Shea Anthony Schrag Angelika Sikorska-Mazur Cate Smith $5 suggested donation drinks available

No Wave Performance Task Force: Valentines

Thursday, February 14th 2013

Following the 3-Thursday exhibition, PPL hosts the second exhibition on FEBRUARY 14TH

The No Wave Performance Task Force is a flexible collective that enables performative social sculpture, practicing Feminist construction rather than reacting solely to existing conditions of patriarchy, gender, sexuality, and “Other” vs. “Us” dichotomies.

This event experiments with female partnership (platonic, romantic, collaborative, co-working, and otherwise), mutual respect, and authenticity of empathy between women by pairing performance-makers to create performances about and for one another. This event is open to the public, with a host of performances + drinks and snacks.

The performances will be documented on video and edited into a documentary-style "valentine" to women artists everywhere.

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