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Cory Bracken

trauma salon : bafflement & benediction

Sunday, December 20th 2015

we engage/question those around us. we must. must we? in speaking our truth to another do we realize a deeper meaning? or do we lose the meaning altogether? layers of abstraction/collision/delineation/confusion/translation/fear - we may never break free. we may very well be already lost in the moss of complication.
but then again. perhaps we do break free. perhaps the point is full of air.
in such a way, we endlessly attempt.

Lucas Brode:

Natalia Steinbach:

Nick Jozwiak:

Cory Bracken

a ritual by Valerie Kuehne


Friday, May 31st 2013

Bushwick Open Studios at Panoply Performance Laboratory FORENSICS OF THE FUTURE DAY ONE: SITE Beginning at 7pm, there will be site-specific performances by: Matthew Gantt Ellen O'Meara Cory Bracken Joe White Thomas Bell

Many of these performances will be using the "piano wall" installed in Panoply's front gate (originally installed by Thomas Bell, also performing).

SOBjectivity: objects, electronics, and the (dis)embodying body

Thursday, April 25th 2013 to Friday, April 26th 2013

A two-day exhibition of music and sonic art, hacked objects and electronic elements, voiceover and videotaped performance, performance art, and hybrid performance dealing with objectivity, subjectivity, and "Sobjectivity"****


Alejandro Acierto--

Sasha Desree--

Ellie Holiday Stamp--

Dennis Sullivan---

The Illegal Dads--- and

Ken Butler--

Paige Fredlund and Kaia Gilje


Impatience Machine--

Richard Kamerman--

Nick Woodbury--

Cory Bracken--

Adam Cuthbert--


If you dare, leave your cell phone with us for the duration of this mini-fest. Set it to vibrate. We will hang these sobjects from the ceiling, subtly vibrating moons, commemorating the focus of performances past, present, future (anterior)

****"The Sobject exists in perpetual procedural loop: the ideal sobject is Dante's manturningsnaketurningman. The Sobject exists in perpetual substantive eclipse: more s/object by turns and degrees" --NOTES ON CONCEPTUALISMS, Vanessa Place and Robert Fitterman, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013. p. 38 (7b.)

Duo Night

Tuesday, February 12th 2013


A night of duo musical performances at Panoply Performance Laboratory: Men Are Just Desserts

Men Are Just Desserts is a semi-spontaneous series of bromantic one-night flings. Bassist and tuba player Jason Anastasoff creates duos with some of the hottest men in the improvising music scene, which have included Devin Gray, Sean Ali, Nathaniel Morgan, Peter Hanson and Dave Ruder in the past (and possibly the future if they play their cards right).

Flandrew Fleisenberg/Valerie Kuehne

Five Dollar Ferrari (Brad Henkel and Dustin Carlson)

Uptown Girls (Cory Bracken/Joe White)

Bonnie Kane/Chris Welcome

$5-15 suggested donation

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