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Julia Santoli

Loop, Triangle: Eames Armstrong, Philip Fryer, Julia Santoli

Saturday, December 9th 2017


Sound smears time, flesh hits pause. Gesture reaches out for language, flesh hits rewind. Sight lines crossover into elsewhere, flesh hits play. Familiar smells and faces are a scaffold for unpleasant returns, fragile encounters. A coiled continuum cuts across the promise of a knowable present moment, but we know where we are by the sun, stars, and street signs. Framed and protected by a well-known and well-worn set of walls on Meserole Street, Loop, Triangle is an evening of performances by three artists and friends who use sound, light, and their bodies among other things in, with, and against grief and absence, transcendence and failure, mutability and disagreement. Flesh hits play, elsewhere crosses over into sight lines. Flesh hits rewind, language reaches out for gesture. Flesh hits pause, time smears sound.

suggested donation $5-20 (pay-what-you-can, no one turned away) all goes to the artists.

Beverages $3 or BYO

+organized by Eames Armstrong +


Eames Armstrong
is an artist and curator who works across painting, writing, and performance. Currently based in Brooklyn, Eames received an MFA from George Washington University in 2016. They have performed at the High Zero Festival, Sonic Circuits Festival, the Houston International Performance Art Biennale, the Fringe platform of the Venice International Performance Art Week; at Defibrillator, Chicago; Mobius, Cambridge, MA; Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn; and many other spots. Eames was the 2016 Emerging Curator at VisArts in Rockville, MD, and a recipient of the Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship in Washington, D.C.. Eames has spoken at the Corcoran College of Art and at the Luce Foundation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Eames is currently invested in a research tangle of body art, industrial music, martyrs and saints, and transgender studies. With their collaborative curatorial platform, Queer Trash, they are the 2018 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow at ISSUE Project Room.

Julia Santoli
is an interdisciplinary artist creating precarious ecosystems of image, gesture, sculpture, and sound. One of her long-term projects is of a vocalising body fluctuating between sonic transcendence and failure. She has presented solo and collaborative works at Queens Museum, Flux Factory, Issue Project Room, Judson Memorial Church, Disjecta, LUMP, Widow Jane Mine cave, GRACE Exhibition Space, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Spinnerei, DE, etc...

Philip Fryer
Informed by the writings and performances of John Cage, Philip Fryer explores experience through performance, sound, and installation. At times chaotic and other times serene, his work draws connections between mortality, queer identity, chronic illness, and memory decay. Fryer often utilizes obsolete or forgotten technology, bringing together the past and the present. Philip is a co-founder of The Present Tense, an initiative that has organized performance events since 2005 and has exhibited the work of over 200 artists. He has performed at The Darling Foundry and Le Lieu (Montreal and Quebec City, QC), Grace Exhibition Space and Panoply (New York, NY), DEFIBRILLATOR gallery (Chicago, IL), The Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and 100 Years of Performance Art (Boston, MA). He has also been a member of the Boston based dark ambient project TOOMS since 2012, performs under the solo moniker Moondrawn, and with his partner Rosie Ranauro as Princess Beautiful.


Image credits: Philip Fryer, Wave IV, 2017, Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA, Photo by Rosie Ranauro. Julia Santoli, (elegy), 2015, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, Photo by Ten Ten Yan. Eames Armstrong, Fog, 2016, Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, Washington, DC, Photo by Kate Warren.

Performancy Forum: Rites/Rights

 Photo courtesy of Orlando Estrada
Saturday, October 22nd 2016

( (




Powers of perception and potentiality balance scales in favor of the femme, the phantastic, the prophetic, an ungrounding and ploughing up of ancient soils as the nights lengthen and darkness becomes our familiar: five performances pitch noise and silence, deep gore and delicate filmy surface, uncontrolled frenzy and practiced gesture in dissonant and rapturous emotivity across the face of spacetime.

Matthew Gantt: Iterations

Sunday, September 18th 2016

Installation open from 1pm-8pm

Performance at 8pm featuring: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Julia Santoli, Akio Mokuno, Amelia Marzec, Hans Tammen, Cesspool + Karl Cooney



Presenting a pop-up recording studio as functional sculpture, a double cassette album release, and a complex network of conceptual research, Iterations is an investigation into the production of recorded media in the age of digital plasticity.

Gallery visitors are invited to participate in a call for realizations during installation hours, to be featured as part of the resultant cassette release by Gold Bolus Recordings. Other processes on display explore methodologies for the creation of media that exists as both infinitely reproducible form and procedurally unique content.

Drawing equally from Walter Benjamin's conception of aura and Brian Eno's writings on generative music, these systems will culminate in an evening length performance intended to highlight the works included in Iterations as the confluence of event, artifact and documentation. 




Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City. His creative work focuses on the use of live electronics and open systems as metaphorical structures, as well as the overlapping nature of contemporary artistic production and consumption. Gantt has performed or presented work at a range of New York venues, including Roulette, Issue Project Room, the New Museum, Silent Barn and the Stone, as well as internationally at IRCAM Academy in Paris. He holds a M.M. in composition from CUNY Brooklyn, and currently works as a studio assistant to Morton Subotnick.

WTF is "experimental" music? :: Undercommonalities

photo of Amy Mills by Justina V
Monday, August 29th 2016

We sneak in three performances with underlying... commonalities... listen, think, and probably expound upon whether or which of these is "experimental" - or if that's even worth talking about these days.

Sean Ali & Feng // Amy Mills // Julia Santoli // Kevin Marin


Sean Ali & Feng

Bassist, composer, and improviser Sean Ali from Dayton, Ohio has been living in New York City since 2003, where he participates in the city’s vibrant experimental music scene both as a performer and curator. His current projects include: Fester, Hag, LathanFlinAli, Mattrey.Bordreuil.Ali, Natura Morta, PascAli, Phantom Circuit, While We Still Have Bodies, and solo performances. He is co-founder and member of the new music label Prom Night Records. He is co-founder and former curator at 65Fen Music Series. Sean Ali performs regularly in New York City and has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

Beijing/New York based Feng makes cross-disciplinary performances that are sound-oriented, humorous, improvised and site-specific, by integrating a variety of sound strategies within his own vocabulary gained from daily life: storytelling, field recording, cited Youtube videos, live Karaoke, Asian pop music, noise and improvisation, as well by morphing in between different performer's roles: the vibration source, the narrator, the commentator, the spectator, etc. As a curator, Feng produces monthly improvised and cross-disciplinary concerts at Chinese American Arts Council. He also manages Muted Portraits, a record label that releases only spoken-word context surrounding particular pieces of music. His instrument design "Tri-O", a MIDI controller based on geometric system-generated data irregularity, which was chosen the third place winner of 2014 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition judged by Cycling '74 CEO David Zicarelli. Gao recently received 2016 Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) Residency in Stockholm, Sweden.

Amy Mills

Amy Mills is a musician and photographer living and working in the NYC area. She has experience working in creative marketing, graphic design, photography, retouching, composing, and music. 
She grew up on the west coast in Portland, OR but migrated east to study classical trumpet at the Boston Conservatory. After one year she transferred to Mass. Art and studied Photography / Interrelated Media / design, then earned her masters in music composition and recording from Purchase College SUNY.
Her fine art work draws from a broad spectrum of influences and often combines multiple disciplines.

Julia Santoli

Julia Santoli is a multi-media artist based in New York. Her work synthesizes image, gesture, and sound while navigating memory and presence—how past experience manifests in the present as ruins, and how these traces transform through mediation to/from the body within the ghost-nature of sound. Her explorations take the form of vocal performance and body-generated audio feedback, sonic installation, video, and prints. She completed her BFA from the School of Visual Arts (Visual and Critical Studies), and has presented performative and visual work throughout New York.

Kevin Marin

Kevin Marin is a member and founder of Tropical Resources in addition to several DJ, sound-based and conceptual projects across New York City. Kevin will be engaging with the liminal space in between performances throughout the evening.

The Brooklyn Experimental Song Revival

Tuesday, December 15th 2015

this past fall : the super coda & naked roots conducive hosted the first edition of the brooklyn experimental song carnival, featuring over 20 artists performing within & against the space between sound and narrative. there was catharsis. there was shock. there was gut-splitting beauty & probably grace.

december 15th : we continue the search for new organs, catharsis, some god-forsaken nexus, the proverbial ghost-in-the-machine. you know, songs & shit.

Natalia Steinbach

Alex Cohen/Michael F. Dailey Jr.

Julia Santoli

Lynn Wright

Leah Coloff

Lorene Bouboushian/Kaia Gilje/Valerie Kuehne
peanut butter/celine dion

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