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Jenna Kline

PERformancyFORum: assignment

Saturday, September 24th 2016












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Jenna Kline: "


In the jewish tradition, a Yahrzeit Candle is burned for 24 hours to commemorate a death.  Yahrzeit in Yiddish means, “time of year”.  I'm expanding on this tradition by partaking in a physical ritual to honor the departed.

In this piece, I will transform into a physical memorial to honor my grandmother, Beatrice Klein.  Beatrice was a semi-traditional Jewish grandma who loved getting her hair and nails done.  She hated cooking,  loved to read and always had corn muffins in stock.   Her sass was unparalleled.

She was an avid shopper and had no shortage of brightly colored blouses, chambre tops and dungaree bottoms.  When she passed away my parents were left with the daunting task of sorting through her personal belongings.  Costume jewelry, including broaches, clip on earring and loose crystals (my grandpa used to make jewelry).  Stockings and tights that were so ancient and corroded that they crumbled to the touch (still in the their original packaging). Canvas shoes, ceramic cats and close to 100 camisoles.  Ivory, black, red, royal blue, floral, lace, sheer and all delicate and feminine.  For some reason, they appealed to me and I took most of them and the remainder was donated.  I rarely wore them, but could never part with them.  (I'm a collector).

I will create a sculptural and spoken narrative by weaving together fragments of memories, photos, her personal items and Entenmann's corn muffins.  By surrounding myself with her essence, I will become a spirit objet, a totem, a physical embodiment of her spirit.

I will invite the audience to participate and also remember loved ones who are no longer with us.


Francheska Alcantara: "I am interested in investigating memories of my childhood through objects/things that were part of my household or that I saw my grandmother using all the time. I guess it is a response to the physical state of being, a connection to “the real” world and introspection into the innate knowledge of my body."


Anya Liftig's work has been featured at TATE Modern, MOMA, CPR, Highways Performance Space, Lapsody4 Finland, Fado Toronto, Performance Art Institute-San Francisco, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, The Kitchen at the Independent Art Fair, Performer Stammtisch Berlin, OVADA, Joyce Soho and many other venues. In “The Anxiety of Influence” she dressed exactly like Marina Abramovic and sat across from her all day during “The Artist is Present” exhibition. Her work has been published and written about in The New York Times Magazine, BOMB, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Italia, Next Magazine, Now and Then, Stay Thirsty, New York Magazine, Gothamist, Jezebel, Hyperallergic, Bad at Sports, The Other Journal, and many others. She is a graduate of Yale University and Georgia State University and has received grant and residency support from The MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, Atlantic Center for the Arts, The New Museum, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, Flux Projects, University of Antioquia and Casa Tres Patios-Medellin, Colombia.


Ali Asgar is a visual and performance artist from Bangladesh. Ali is working as a freelance artist for last few years in Bangladesh and moving forward with his work concentrated on the issue of gender minority and queer identity. Through his performances and other visual narratives Ali is constantly trying to pushing the gender norms of the country and making spaces to talk about this issues in a public forum. Asgar's work has been exhibited in Bangladesh and abroad and supported by institutes like Goethe institute , Edward M.Kennedy Centre, Bengal Foundation, Samdani Art Foundation, US State Department, Institute of International Education (IIE), Mellon Foundation and many more. Ali is now working as a Andrew W. Mellon Foundation fellow at the University of Maine, provided by Institute of International Education. This fellowship popularly known as Artist Protection Fund. Ali's current projects and works are politically motivated and emphasised on dislocation, body politics and queer identity. About his work Ali says "My work talks about my struggle of being a minority community member in Bangladesh. I believe my work doesn't only talks about my struggle and journey as a Bangladeshi LGBT community member but its also reflects the life of the sexual minority community in Bangladesh."


Saturday, May 28th 2016

Jenna Kline

IV Castellanos

Charli Brissey

Melissa Koziebrocki

coco cafe


TACTICAL TRIALS: (SELF) DEFENSE IDENTITY LOVE RESPONSIBILITY: a razor's edge between empowerment and self-punishment, no wave feminism, size 5 steel-toed boots, intentional dysfunction and high-skill fabrication of sight, site, situation::::

"Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and fighting for you, rather fighting for others, thinking, talking with and for means that you do not treat your body as a commodity with which to purchase superficial intimacy or economic security, rather as a tactical tool leveraged in defense of your own rights and the rights of those weaker than you are. "
-- Adrienne Rich

“I am too intelligent, too demanding, and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself” 
― Simone de Beauvoir

"I have to find of cultural translation, modes of encounter, modes democratic participation, which actually work to foster understanding, without mandating unity. And it also means that when I take responsibility it is not a grandiose act, it’s not a narcissistic act, in which I am responsible for the entirety of the world. No, I place myself in a vividly decentered way in a world with others, who are their own centers, and which I must understand to live socially, to live democratically, to live in a polity, is always to in some sense be displaced by the subject. It is partially what it is to live in a culturally diverse, democratic culture. But if one finds that the modes of communication and deliberation that allow for that to exist in its complexities, then I think we have the chance to take a kind of collective responsibility. But one cannot take collective responsibility alone. It is something taken with others."
--Judith Butler

PERFORMANCY FORUM: holding/withholding and indulgence/austerity

Thursday, June 18th 2015

The form of this event will involve: six artists performing individually but in response as two and one artist with you.

WORKSHOP/PARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE w/ Thomas John Bacon: 7pm (max 15 participants, RSVP to, info here:

PERFORMANCES in the following order + durational:
begin at 8:00pm:

THOMAS JOHN BACON (UK) w/ workshop participants
LEAH ARON + SCOTT SHANNON (USA) **’-his-wife-her-lover/

Suggested donation for workshop and performances $5-20 sliding scale FOR THE ARTISTS.

Austerity is a valuation schema that devalues humans, urging us to work harder and harder to justify our value to corporations and institutions as they withhold more and more resources. While austerity is a formal, conservative political and economic manoeuvre, withholding is also an act of devaluation, used as an abusive emotional and psychological tactic or emergent as a symptom of waning respect.

How do we show respect and value each other? What do we give each other? What do we take? How are we ourselves and not ourselves? How are we others? Critical surveys, homages, interpretations, and projections in the forms of performances.

This PERFORMANCY FORUM will perform resistance to austerity, to withholding, and the systematic devaluing of creative labor: INDULGE (IN) EACH OTHER!


Saturday, June 14th 2014

Contraception is a way of protecting the body, fraught with legal, emotional, and psychological history. What do we need that is often not allowed us? What do we bring into our bodies, into the country, across borders, late at night? These performances deal directly with contraception and historic and present-day contraband, items, supplies, objects forbidden, human rights surrounding a woman's body, touching on the female body, its needs, multiplicities, and experiences, as contraband itself, ported by the self perceived by others. Five artists perform performancy in the context of these considerations and via matrices of their own conceptual construction:






$5-15 suggested donation goes all to the artists.

Beverages lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

PERFORMANCY FORUM: Liberación y Terapia

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Beatriz Albuquerque and David Moscovich: "LIBERAcTION vs BARTHELME"

+ Judith Shimer

+ Felix Morelo

+ Jenna Kline

How do performance artists use their practices as therapy for themselves, audience members, and the ills they perceive in society? How are we liberated by action in a performance sphere? Is "group therapy" an appropriate analogy for performance events? This PERFORMANCY FORUM deals with these questions via performances from 5 artists.

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