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Rae Goodwin

THINKTANK 2: Realized Solely by Persons Present During/As the Performance

Saturday, November 3rd 2018

This thinktank has met throughout 2018 as part of the 9 PROPOSITIONS project, an array of nine thinktanks working through/on modes of performance. 

"REALIZED SOLELY BY PERSONS PRESENT DURING/AS THE PERFORMANCE" culminating performances/presentations by:

Khristal Curtis
Polina Riabova
Shawn Escarciga
Rae Goodwin

***performances/presentations at 8pm. Donations for the performers gladly accepted***

The nine thinktanks were initiated in November, 2017 at The Kitchen as part of the Emergency INDEX 2016 launch party. The thinktanks serve as active social indexing and investigation of performance modes. Thinktank activities are specific to each of the nine modal propositions and the forms and actualizations of each thinktank are designed and organized by the persons involved.

Regarding Female/Female Regards

Rae Goodwin, "constrain." sterling silver spoon, 300 yards cotton thread, needles and shadow.18”x 10”x 1” (2005)
Saturday, March 18th 2017

"Regarding Vaginas"
A collaborative, participatory performance art work by Rae Goodwin and Sophie Merrison.

"Abbey of Misrule"

"MissDick Vibrocis"
Lorene Bouboushian (body in the room) + Jill Flanagan (sounds from afar)

LJ Leach + Kaia Gilje


Saturday, April 16th 2016

Mairead Delaney and Rae Goodwin join PERFORMANCY FORUM with a new performance in two parts. This three hour cyclical and durational work engages with notions of women’s labor, grace, empathy and endurance.

Part One- Marking Time- is a response to external signals women submit to in their struggle for, against and with themselves and one another in the futility of unending labor.

Part Two- Crawl into our Softness- is a response to and acceptance/reckoning with Other retreating into woman for comfort. They stand on upturned furniture, crawl inside soft bells, stop and start their labor to the sound of a bell. They wrestle with the constructs/constrictions of their bodies as Woman.

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