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Relational March: MAROONING

Framing Text: 

Tour blogging/framing essays on culturebot: and project essay by Esther Neff on Peri0d.

PPL travelled with Future Death Toll across 23 cities, making 27 individual relational acts of performance and acting out processes of touring. People were met, interviews performed, BBQ eaten, McDonalds visited, bowling balls taped to feet, snow melted, frozen lakes trespassed, participations conducted, songs written and sung, relational aesthetics problematized, all interspersed with much driving in a rental car.


Full dates:

Feb 28: Climbing Through The Hole in the Sky, with Rachel Hrbek, Natalia Panfile, and Renée Regan, curated by Eames Armstrong, Hole in the Sky, Washington, DC
March 1: The Fold, Rockville, MD
March 3: Skylab in Columbus, OH
March 5-7: Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky)
March 6: I.D.E.A.S. 40203 Contemporary Art Chamber of Commerce, Louisville, KY
March 8: The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
March 9: Charlotte Street Settlement, "Let's Make a Mess" with Drew Roth, curated by Danny Orendorff as part of his "Tyranny of Good Taste" exhibition, Kansas City, MO
March 10: Kent Bellows Studio, Omaha, NE 7pm w/ Neil Griess
March 11: SPATIVM, Lincoln, NE w/Woven Symbol
March 12: PUBLIC SPACE ONE, Iowa City, IA w/ Curt Oren
March 13: Counterpath, Denver, CO. Play-lecture by Esther Neff, performed by Ye Taik and Black Sheep Organization
March 15: Evolution Collective, Madison, WI
March 16: Bring in the Indigo: Performance from NY & MPLS curated by Fire Drill. Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney + Samantha Johns + Hiponymous, The White Page, Minneapolis, MN
March 17: Center Street Free Space, Milwaukee, WI
March 18: MANA/High Concept Labs, Chicago, IL w/ Adam Rose and Alejandro Acierto
March 19: Three Rivers Public Library, Three Rivers, MI
March 20: Detroit Contemporary/C.A.I.D, curated by Spread Art, Detroit, MI
March 21: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 11:30am-5pm curated by Robert Derr.
March 22: RCN Cave, Akron, OH
March 24: Experimental Music at the Library, curated by Steve Kemple, Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, OH LATE SHOW: The Comet, Cincinnati, OH
March 25: Eddy Kwon's residency show, CHUMISAE, 9pm
March 26: Firehazard Studios w/ Submisstress, Dream Weapon, Daniel McCloskey and others, Pittsburgh, PA
March 27: SPARK PERFORMANCE w/ Margarita Kruchinskyaya, Peter Lee, Nicole Letson and Jermaine Williams, Malvinas, Kevin Poncelet, Colin Self, and aoli Zhong, Syracuse, NY
March 28: MyPlace Pizza w/ Parenting, Six7, and Mr. Sexy, Poughkeepsie, NY
March 29: Gray Zone in Kingston, NY 1-4, then Dirt Salon "All Grown Up" in Hartford, CT
March 30: Machines With Magnets, RI w/ ISLANDS + Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez