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Conference of Work: Mode, Method, Medium

Framing Text: 

This conference, MODE, METHOD, MEDIUM brings together artists and cultural organizers who work between disciplines both in terms of medium and in terms economic/field-based distinctions. We hope to take a step towards dialectic and artistic solidarity between the independent and ‘avant-garde’ communities in dance, performance art, theater, and music, and to share our vocabularies and methods.


Presentations will include performances, project presentations, artist talks, papers, and interactive workshops.


Inherently and formally political, often interactive and/or participatory, always startling and deeply considerate, artists, curators, scholars, and cultural organizers will share their work, discuss their practices, and participate to two open round-tables about what “medium,” as a mode of transmission, means to us now.


Saturday, May 21, 2011, 2pm-6pm
Sunday, May 22, 2011, 2pm-10pm


Public round-tables at 4pm both days

University of the Streets

130 East 7th Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

New York, NY 10009-6164


Open to the Public Free


Participating artists and companies include:

Handan Ozbilgin, showing part three of her MAIDS project, members of experimental music ensemble thingNY, Ben Spatz/Urban Research Theater, JJ Lind and Liz Vacco of Immediate Medium, Peruvian artist Amapola Prada and her Lima New York Project, participatory performance art-ist Carrie Dashow, cultural organizer/icon Jason Andrew, sound and movement researchers William Bilwa Costa and Martin Lanz Landazari, Ashley Kelly-Tata of Enthuse Theater, Melanie Armer and Chance Mueleck of Nerve Tank, GoGoVertigoat’s Lindsey Drury, and interdisciplinary practitioners Sarah Maxfield, Angela Washko, Rebecca Patek, Nate Hill, Hyatt Michaels, Gelsey Bell, Dave Thrasher, and many others!



Saturday, May 21


Handan Ozbilgin (MAIDS)


Dave Thrasher


Hyatt Michaels

Carrie Dashow

4:15pm-5pm: round-table 1

medium, mode, method (emphasis on participation)


Amapola Prada




Sunday, May 22nd


Hector Canonge

3:15-4pm Nate Hill

4pm-5:00pm: round-table 2

medium, mode, method (emphasis on discipline)

5:00 performances

Angela Washko

5:30-7pm: presentations/artist talks

Jason Andrew

Gelsey Bell

Sarah Maxfield

The Nerve Tank


William Bilwa Costa, Rebecca Patek, Martin Lanz Landazari

8pm Lindsey Drury

8:45-9pm (clean up and short break)


Ben Spatz/Urban Research Theater



This conference is organized by Esther Neff of the Panoply Performance Laboratory