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De-liberation operation I

Framing Text: 

PPL (Esther Neff + Brian McCorkle) de-liberate (objectify, functionalize, define, categorize, name, naturalize, assimilate, devour, sexualize, etc) six cabbages, sheets of glass, cigar boxes full of small objects, 10lbs of shells, and other objects/materials/substances while sewing lefthand gloves, smoking tobacco, playing "catch," use of canal beam, radio, dirt, clip lights, handsewn apholstery-fabric lederhosen, against a banner print of a plaster wall hung in front of metalworking machinery and equipment at the Gowanus Ballroom during Borrowed Paths, Broken Rules, Curated by George Sferra, Josh Young, Evan Peelle, and Jonah Emerson-Bell, July 25, 2015