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Valerie Kuehne and the PPL

2012 to 2013
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Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle, and Esther Neff travel around the midwestern US and then Germany, operating on and off as a "band." PPL add clamor and theatrics to Valerie's songs, we make actions in a library, at ABC No Rio, and in various bars. We organize the two tours including an exhibition at MANA Contemporary (a PERFORMANCY FORUM, at this time Valerie is also living at PPL Space and organizing regular shows there), a durational performance at the Gowanus Ballroom, and other gigs. One of our favorite shows as Valerie Kuehne and the PPL was Small Beast organized by Paul Wallfisch at the Shauspeilhaus in Dortmund. Activities also turned into the project "You're a Big Boy Now OR Rauschenberg Ist Toedlich."