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Framing Text:

PERFORMANCY FORUM is a clustering, condensing, and critical effort comprising interdisciplinary exhibitions (emphasis on performance art, social practices, and participatory/publicly engaged work), workshops, conferences, actions, events, and more.

PERFORMANCY FORUM began in 2009 as a project of the Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) while the collective was in residence at Surreal Estate. It has since become an open project, collaborating with spaces, sites, curatorial collectives, and many others to:

1.) Forge IN-PERSON relationships (including collaborations) between artists from different artistic mediums and micro-communities.

2.) Perform collective research, including drawing of parallels between current performance and social practices and attempts to locate them within historic, economic, socio-political, and aesthetic contexts.

3.) Provide a site (physical or cognitive) for complex and critical thought beyond academic and other institutional parameters, for political and cultural organization amongst artists, and for experimentation with modes, methods, and mediums in conjunction with concrete practice.

4.) Involve publics of 'artists' and 'non-artists' alike in constructive, collective, and critical analysis and debate of artistic operation.

PERFORMANCY FORUM manifests as a monthly platform, touring exhibitions of live art, conferences, workshops, talks, festivals, social projects, and other discursive, organizational, and curatorial operations. 
If you are interested in participating in PERFORMANCY FORUM please e-mail an inquiry to Esther at with a bio/CV, description of proposed work, and any links (video is best) that would help us understand what you do. All other inquiries, same e-mail address.