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Focus Workshops

Framing Text: 

Focus Workshops are a consistent aspect of PPL’s artistic practices. They are formalized public sessions performed as part of opera-making processes. The core intention of all Focus Workshops is simply to provide time for a small group of diverse individuals to “focus” on concepts/conceptualization and to generate collective, multiplicit theories and methodologies.

Focus Workshops have taken the forms of social research experiments, focus groups, seminars, meetings, individual and collective interview sessions, workshops, exercises, games, surveys and writing engagements, classes, and materials-generating sessions.

Focus Workshops have debated and practiced theorizations of the “nature of nature” (NATURE FETISH), generated diagrams, surveys, and scores (Embarrassed of the Whole), gathered statements of opinion and ideation to be used as libretto text (The Last Dreams of Helene Wiegel or How to Get Rid of The Feminism Once and For All, The Transformational Grammar of the Insitutional Glorybowl I, II, and III), attempted to focus localized energies, conceptions, sensations, and perceptions into performance acts (Relational March, Embarrassed of the Whole) and functioned as general social research (all projects and PPL writings).