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Tif Robinette

Cleansing/Claiming/Calling/Falling, a performancy forum

Photo courtesy of Dominique Duroseau
Saturday, October 29th 2016

Dominique Duroseau
Rudi Salipietra and Tif Robinette
Scears Lee
Jodie Lyn-Kee Chow

Intimate laying of foundation stones, ritual cleansing of the ground, the site, the circle, overturning ways of seeing which affect, in-form and model social structures and interpersonal relationships. We are one, partial, neither, none. So close to your face, I taste your digestion, so distant your experience, I can only listen to your tales, so carried on, so claimed, so-called, so fallen, the only direction we can go is up.


Saturday, May 23rd 2015

Panoply Performance Laboratory is pleased to host PYTHIA: a fantastic line-up of female writers for an evening of readings. This event will feature work that exemplifies the author as oracle.

Pythia was any priestess at Apollo's oracle in Delphi. Her name was derived from "pytho" which was Delphi's original name and also pertains to pythein - to rot alluding to the giant serpent slain by Apollo. Pythia delivered the oracle in a trance like state often talking in code which the priests interpreted.

Featured Oracles:

Chelsea G. Summers
Juliet Escoria
Kim Boekbinder
Lisa Marie Basile
Monica McClure
Rachel Rabbit White

Hosted By:

Tif Robinette & Katelan Foisy

To Conjure Another Self

Saturday, May 30th 2015

The intersections of ritual magickal praxis and transformative action meet at the crossroads in this presentation of performance artists who investigate ancient and contemporary conjure.

A lecture on the intersections of the left hand path and performance by the jolly occultist Al Cummins will kick off this strange journey into night.

Heidi Wiren Bartlett
Christopher Unpezverde Núñez
Amanda Agricola
Kunj Patel
Hoesy Corona
Ada Pinkston
Alexander D'Agostino
Brian Butler

Curatored by Tif Robinette & Eames Armstrong

MATERIAL LABOR: a durational participatory performance by AGROFEMME

Saturday, March 28th 2015

Does time merely pass or do we impel it forward with our physical labor? Does our collective energy sustain and effect the movement of time itself? If we exact enough effort on our environment, can we change our own perceptions of time? While tracing our own lineages of labor, AGROFEMME will open a collaborative space to experiment with various repetitive tasks.

In a durational, participatory performance AGROFEMME invites the audience to join her workforce to experiment with material labor's effect on time itself.

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