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Ivy Castellanos

IV Beautiful Gestures: Ivy Castellanos Solo Exhibition

Wednesday, September 17th 2014 to Friday, October 3rd 2014



Metal (detail) 2014

IV Beautiful Gestures: Ivy Castellanos Solo Exhibition

Panoply Performance Lab
104 Meserole St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Opening on Wednesday September 17th 6-8pm
Performance/Discussion on Friday September 26th 8pm
Closing on Friday October 3rd 6-8pm

Castellanos provides eight works in this solo exhibition along with one evening of performance. The show represents a sampling of different thoughts by the artist but as a whole each work has Castellanos’ mark and impression and therefore the show is seamless. The attention to the work is individualized like a signature. They are clean simple objects upon first glance but with further investigation the viewer can recognize the process each work encountered. Castellanos is interested in the attempt to create an object that specifically reflects an individual’s idea of a concept. Simply the attempt to create a visual impression. A beautiful gesture in the form of an object to define one’s perspective. The show can be seen as conceptual, mathematical, funny, dark, intense, or the calm before the storm. It is the first solo show by the artist outside of Castellanos’ performance work.

PERFORMANCY FORUM: Bushwick Open Studios Edition

Friday, May 30th 2014

What does it mean for work to be "open" or "closed"? How do we consider or not consider our audiences? Old and new artists of PPL project space converge to present current works-in-performance.

Ivy Castellanos

Baxton Alexander

Ben Bennett

Abigail Levine

Honey McMoney

durational performances and short-form alike fill this evening at this breezy garage open to the street…suggested

$5-15 goes directly to the artists.

beverages lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

PERFORMANCY 1414141414

Saturday, January 4th 2014


8pm sharp (open @7:30)

Harbingers of the year: ███▓▒░░Ivy Castellanos░░▒▓███ (

███▓▒░░Anaïs Héraud░░▒▓███ (

███▓▒░░Samuel Burhoe░░▒▓███

███▓▒░░Miles Pflanz░░▒▓███ (

Meteors/Symbolism/Abstraction/the essence of thought becoming action/the essence of ritual actualizing being/becoming and becoming and becoming!

Pay-what-you-can + Brooklyn Brews

WE ARE SCORES: Casings and Treatments

Saturday, November 16th 2013

WE ARE SCORES: Casings and Treatments Performance artists focus on casings and treatments of the body associated with the performance of femininity.







This installment of the No Wave Performance Task Force's "We Are Scores" series is curated by René Kladzyk, who writes: "In some ways, this focus is intended to deal with notion of a costume as being somehow 'false' or 'deceptive,' when the performance of identity is composed of layers upon layers of material and immaterial reference points, or 'masks.' I am thinking here of Roland Barthes' commentary on costume as a reference point, both its 'diseases' and semantic functions. Another building point is the manner that fashion has tended to be differentiated from artistic expression, how this distinction may be linked to patriarchy, and how shared reference points of bodily housing may or may not serve as fascinating items of analysis and symbolic markers of meaning."

Guillermo Pizarro, Christopher S. Feltner, and We Are Feral Children

Sunday, October 27th 2013

Something beyond sound, something visual, something technical, something conceptual, something that will make your toenails bleed around the edges and the hair stand up on your arms.

Christopher S. Feltner

Guillermo Pizarro

We Are Feral Children (Mara Mayer and Jason Anastasoff)

Ivy Castellanos

Ivy Castellanos

Monday, June 10th 2013

JUNE 10th, 2013 8pm


Performance Artist, Sculptor, and director of IV Soldiers Ivy Castellanos will present performance documentation and a new live performance, and discuss her practice.



Ivy is an abstracted force of movement shapes and energy. Ivy's work is a violent sculpture transforming each space into unpredictable possibilities. The construction of abstracted objects are customized and functional for the artists specific movements through space. Ivy is the founder and director of IV Soldiers Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and has performed throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Berlin, and Chicago.


Women with Power Tools

Thursday, April 18th 2013

saxophone and power sander alike are power tools professionally and highly proficiently wielded by women composers, performance artists, and interdisciplinary time-based artists.

Ivy Castellanos Lopi LaRoe Courtney Leigh Novak Erin Rogers

curated by Esther Neff

SILENT MAIL! PPL and the Immaterial Museum of Scotland

Friday, March 22nd 2013

9 artists from each city have sent performance scores across the sea to be performed respectively in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Brooklyn, USA. Most performances on the Brooklyn end will be shown on Friday night, March 22. A few of the performances require outdoor travel, a longer time period, and the like, and will be scheduled for Saturday, March 23, and beyond.

Edinburgh performances of the Brooklyn artists' scores will be shown via livestream also on March 22. In Brooklyn, the performing artists will be...: Sherry Alberti Ivy Castellanos Christen Clifford Richard Kamerman Jon Konkol Valerie Kuehne Courtney Leigh Novak Anya Liftig (livestream from Kentucky) Brian McCorkle

In Edinburgh, the performing artists will be: Sarah Boulton Sian Robinson Davies Jessica Dunleavy Harry Giles James Harding Marcus O'Shea Anthony Schrag Angelika Sikorska-Mazur Cate Smith $5 suggested donation drinks available


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