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***intra-activities materialize quantum singularities****phenomena emerge from para-normative wor(l)dings***zero-gravity***sonic barriers broken***project(ive) transport***these words mean: meaning = matter(s)******an evening of POETRY, MOVEMENT, INTERDISCIPLINARY PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE ART******

*** MOH GROUT ***




Jean Carla Rodea is an artist from Mexico City, based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work deals with spaces and instances where socio-political and cultural constructs are rendered visible through performative movement, sound, and image. By using an interdisciplinary research-based approach, she is invested in understanding how time is insistently constructed through memory and how these memories whether embodied or recorded in spaces are documented and re/constructed. Rodea is especially interested in how these processes have the possibility to become agents to make space for fictional dimensions that can disrupt and subvert.

Gavin Tao is an interdisciplinary New Media artist from the U.K. His practice is built upon queering the space with objects, avatars, and his own body. In doing so, he disrupts the spatial status quo, introducing images that magnify queer visual discourse. 
Performance and technology intervenes his video work, creating a dislocated sense of time and place.

Amanda Hunt is a performing artist who is is currently thinking about the life hood of materials as they intercept/are intercepted by the/my body, and what it means to obsessively choreograph movements my body does everyday. 

IV Castellanos is a sculptor and abstract performance artist. Labor: the adjustments the body is required to make in order for a functional action while working is an influence on how Castellanos moves through the construction of performance. They collaborate with Amanda Hunt and are both current Chez Bushwick AIRs, shared a residency at Gibney Dance, have performed at Grace Exhibition Space, Dixon Place, Danspace for Movement Research 2017 in collaboration with the Feminist Art Group and the Wild Project.

Post Dance 3x3

****Simone Johnson****
****Tess Dworman****
****Tingying Ma****

About the artists:

Simone Johnson is a Staten Island based collaborative movement and visual artist. She is currently exploring plant life, water and food sovereignty. Simone has a deep interest in exploring and developing experimental, collaborative, community-building and healing processes connected to community dance practice. She also aspires to one day be a nomadic, dancing, plant/fungi medicine making, desert sky gazing, mycelium growing, infused honey making, flower loving, cooking from scratch, fire tending farmer-seedkeeper. Recent works include “Soil and Seed” performed at Movement for the People Dance Company’s 2017 Winter Intensive Studio Showing, “zero waste talismans: compost altar #3” presented at “Trash Capsules: Archives of Illness, Food and Diaspora”, a performance and visual art event curated by Kiera Bono and Alex Enzo Hope, and a number of works with cre-a-tion dance collective, including “Global Water Dances”, “Eos” and performing in the Apres Avant Garde Festival on the Staten Island Ferry and in front of the Whitehall Terminal, organized by the Dey de Dada Performance Art Collective. Simone will facilitate "heart waves", an interdisciplinary dance-making session focused on the power of the heart. 

Tess Dworman is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and performer originally from Oak Park, IL. She has a teaching practice with Laurel Atwell in which they offer meditation and qi gong instruction. They operate under the moniker WellMan. More info at and

Tingying Ma is a New York based Theater maker. Her works have been presented by The Knockdown Center, Movement Research, The Current Sessions, Chambers Fine Arts Gallery in New York City and BankART Studio in Yokohama, Japan. She is currently an 2017/18 AIR of Chez Bushwick. She obtained her MFA from Columbia University.

***organized by Kaia Gilje***

NINE (9) PROPOSITIONS in-form operations in and around PPL's lab site in 2018. These NINE(9) PROPOSITIONS propose Performance Modes, stated as intentions to realize/materialize/actualize “performance(s).”

These PROPOSITIONS magnetize temporary, relational collectives of performance makers to research and potentially realize performance(s) through NINE (9) THINKTANKS throughout 2018. THINKTANK activities are specific to each of the PROPOSITIONS and designed by the persons involved.

The NINE (9) PROPOSITIONS can be viewed below.


1.) performance makers and researchers are invited to sign up by sending an email to with the subject line THINKTANK by February 1, 2018. Please SPECIFY which PROPOSITION supports your intended performance practices in 2018. Expressing this interest does not commit people to participate in the THINKTANKS emergent from each PROPOSITION. If you put your email on one of the PROPOSITION signs at The Kitchen on Nov. 29* you are already signed up.

2.) AFTER February 1, 2018 you will receive a group email based on which PROPOSITION you specified. These group emails officially initiate the NINE(9) THINKTANKS.

3.) Meetings with/as each THINKTANKS may be scheduled throughout 2018 at Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) in Brooklyn, NY. All subsequent THINKTANK operations will emerge from meetings, emails, and other THINKTANK-specific interactions. Forms of activities, projects, collaborations, and any public engagement processes such as exhibitions, publications, symposia or events will be determined collectively and relationally by each THINKTANK's social body.

4.) THINKTANKS will operate starting in February and conclude in November and December, 2018. Beyond the initial PROPOSITIONS and this 4-part organizational score, all structures and situations will be generated in situ by each THINKTANK. Thus, no “product” or presentation/performance is required, though THINKTANKS may share their processes and performances with publics through scheduled events throughout the year at Panoply Performance Laboratory and affiliated sites/venues/spaces.

In-person participation in initial meetings in as well as active written involvement in THINKTANK formation materializes this project.

Please Note: This is not primarily an opportunity to show work, to be “presented.” THINKTANKS are mutually-supportive, co-constructive temporary collectives, performed as intellectual locations for rigorous intra-social consideration of ethics, modes, methods, relations, and processes. While some performance projects (individual and collaborative) may be performed for/with publics throughout the year, THINKTANKS are predominately auxiliary support for/with/as of process and discursive intentions, plans, reason(ing)s, and social investigation of modes of performance.

>>>>>>>NINE (9) PROPOSITIONS<<<<<<<


Potential Forms of Performance: Happening, social dance, conversation, reflexive gathering, authorship negotiation, collaborative process, social practices, situational activity…
Probable problems: who is present and why? Access, involvement, participation, politics of representation and presence, relational aesthetics and forms, forms of instruction, interpretation, scoring, collective-formation, institution as a verb, improvisation, and inscription… 


Potential Forms of Performance: “daily” life-acts, activisms, ANY masquerading form or literal realization e.g. preschool, jury convening, protest, psychiatry office, carpool…
Probable problems: capitalism and post-capitalism, modes of production and political science frameworks, framing, divestment, definitions of “art,” art history and art world(ing)s, specialization, inclusion/exclusion…


Potential Forms of Performance: Mechanized performance, performance/process by animals, inanimate objects (e.g. melting ice, weathering signpost), robotics, AI…
Probable problems: what and who is “human”? “Artificial” vs. “natural” intelligence, inanimacy, materialisms, humanism and post-humanism, technology and technique, animal and machine sentience…


Potential Forms of Performance: Communication with ghosts, aliens, angels, etc, sceance, psychic endeavors, telekinesis, dreams, telepathy…
Probable problems: “The Unknown,” normalcy and normalization, excess and the metaphysical, faith, belief, epistemics…


Potential Forms of Performance: Disciplinary hacking, consideration of access and audience, documentation, modes of production as intentional performance…
Probable problems: modes of production, economics, mediation and propaganda, negative reinforcement, mnemonics and mimesis, sense and sensibility, access, technology, capitalism and post-capitalism, production paradigms…


Potential Forms of Performance: Performance as research, research as performance, forms of experiment rigorously pursued using articulated methods, hypotheses proposed…
Probable problems: scientific and other disciplinary “methods,” ways of formalizing inquiry, formalization in general, experimentation in general, research modes, hypotheses-formation…


Potential Forms of Performance: Life-art, daily/hourly/ongoing performance, framing of autonomic performance…
Probable problems: endurance, framing, integration of “art” and “life,” bodily processes and self care, temporal frameworks and time…


Potential Forms of Performance: Surgery, extreme exercise, training, dietary performance, transition, direct race &/or gender-related performativities, privilege confrontation, disfiguration, configuration, incorporation, life-form performance….
Probable problems: Politics of “the body,” identity politics (i.e. “politics”), race, gender, sexuality, ability and agency, embodiment, somatics, bodily control and embodied cognition, self-body dichotomies…


Potential Forms of Performance: Interactive performance, survey/surveillance, open-source projects, interrogation and dismantling of “IRL” vs. “URL” dichotomies, encoding and processing performance…
Probable problems: access to, usage and “invention” of technology, networks, information theory, systems thinking, coercion vs. collaboration, distribution of subjectivity, usership paradigms, authorship, encoding and encryption…

*THINKTANK operations were initiated on Wednesday, November 29 at The Kitchen as part of the Emergency INDEX 6 launch party. The NINE (9) modes of performance were derived from the past 6 years of the Emergency INDEX volumes, documenting performance across disciplines, spheres, and contexts. At the live, free, public launch party, NINE (9) sign(up)s were provided as propositions to situate 9 correlated thinktanks. Those present at this event were invited to attach their email addresses to one or more of the 9 physical signs. If you already signed up at The Kitchen, there is no need to send another e-mail, you are already on the list. You will receive an e-mail after February 1.

Open Call/Convocatoria: Deadline for applications March 1/Límite para aplicaciones  1 de Marzo (2018)
English: CIVIC REFLEX (pdf)
Español: REFLEJO CÍVICO (pdf)

Open Call 
Organized as/by Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF) and Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) as a part of PERFORMANCY FORUM.

PERFORMANCY FORUM: CIVIC REFLEX is a collective performance/social art project involving: 1) the formation of a self-reflexive collective of 20 artists/groups 2) a series of 5 public forum events and 3) an online blog substantiating and framing “civic” “civil” and “reflexive” performance practices and performative theoretics.

Curatorial committee meeting: March 7
Selected artists/groups notified: March 12 and asked to confirm participation by March 19
Project and participant list announced and blog launched March 21, 2018
Public forums followed by 3 performances/presentations per evening take place on Saturdays, 5pm-10pm in 2018: April 28, May 26, September 29, October 20, November 10

20 artists/groups will be selected by a peer committee. Each will perform/present on one of the five Saturday nights. In addition to performing/presenting about their “own” work, the selected 20 artists/groups must attend and participate in the other forum evenings. Each artist/group will receive an honorarium of $150. The 20 artists/groups will also be invited to update the blog with thoughts, scores, images, diagrams, statements, essays, and personal responses in any language/form/style. Audience members, public participants and those present at any of the forums will also be able to contribute to the blog.

Artists/groups may propose to perform a new work or to present an ongoing project. ALL WORK SHOULD ENGAGE IDEATION OF “CIVIC REFLEX” in its modes of performance and production, its forms of reaction and responsibility, and its direct materialization of “civic” and “civil” embodiment. Performances may take forms of meeting, group task, workshop, social practice, framing of past, current, or imagined civic organization/intervention/action, participatory performance, personal/cultural expression, reflexive practice into personal/cultural/political civic context, civil rights, and related conceptual and practical inquiry.

Please send an e-mail to with the subject line CIVIC REFLEX by March 1.  Please also include responses to the following questions. You may also include any other information you feel is relevant, perhaps a paragraph of why and how you’d like to be involved in this, any links to your work/projects if available, bio, etc.

ARE YOU AVAILABLE IN PERSON (in Brooklyn, NY) AT LEAST 4 OUT OF THE 5 FORUM EVENINGS? (April 28, May 26, September 29, October 20, November 10) please specify any date you are not able to be present and any date(s) that you would not be able to perform/present.

RESPONSE TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: How can civic reflexes be exercised beyond (and despite) corporatocratic fascism, white supremacist industrial complexes and systems, ecocidal agendas, and so on? How are “we” (un)civilized? What does it mean to be “civil” with one another? How might “one/we/you” rupture, reform, reimagine “civilization,” including transportation, resource distribution, currency and capital, institutional education and health, enculturation paradigms, self-determinations and social substantiates? How do each of us perform “within” and “without” different scaled and layers of bio-organization, economic and political stratification, categorization, and other “civic” and “civil” orders? What are civil rights? What are civic rights? How do we perform civic responsibility (including and/or beyond current largely-dysfunctional “engagements” such as voting, tax-paying, jury-sitting, legally self-identifying, laboring, and so on)?

How do fugitive and stealth tactics, divestment, situational construction, BUFU, intervention, radical softness, caretaking, acts of radical queer joy, spiritual and metaphysical relationships and phenomena, and quantum transfiguration relate with, dismantle, and/or become “civic duties”?

NOTE: artists/groups may also be involved in PPL’s companion program 9 PROPOSITIONS throughout 2018.


Organizado por Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF) y Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) como parte del PERFORMANCY FORUM (Foro de Performance).

PERFORMANCY FORUM: CIVIC REFLEX: es un colectivo de arte social y performance  que consiste en: 1) la creación de un colectivo de 20 artistas/grupos que se comporte de manera auto-reflexiva 2) una serie de 5 eventos/foros abiertos al público 3) un blog online dedicado a proveer contexto y enmarcar teóricamente prácticas de arte performático, civil, cívico y auto-reflexivo.

Fecha límite para aplicaciones de participantes: 1 de Marzo de 2018
Reunión del comité curatorial: 7 de Marzo
Notificación sobre artistas seleccionados: 12 de Marzo
Los artistas deben haber confirmado su participación para el 19 de Marzo
Anuncio de proyectos y participantes y lanzamiento del blog: 20 de Marzo de 2018
Los foros, abiertos al públicos, estarán seguidos de 4 presentaciones/performances y se llevarán a cabo los sábados de 5pm-10pm durante 2018 los días: 
28 de Abril, 26 de Mayo, 28 de Septiembre, 20 de Octubre y 10 de Noviembre.

Los 20 artistas/grupos serán seleccionados por un comité conformado por sus pares. Cada uno se presentará en uno de los 5 sábados durante el año. Además de presentar su propio trabajo, los 20 artistas/grupos seleccionados deberán asistir y participar en los otros eventos públicos/fórums. En la noche de su presentación, cada artista/grupo recibirá un honorario fijo de $150.  Los artistas seleccionados también serán invitados a actualizar el blog con ideas, partituras, imágenes, diagramas, manifiestos, ensayos y respuestas personales en cualquier idioma/estilo/forma. Los miembros de la audiencia, participantes públicos y todos los presentes en los fórums también podrán participar del blog.                           

Lo artistas pueden elegir presentar un trabajo nuevo o un proyecto ya en desarrollo. TODOS LOS PROYECTOS DEBEN ESTAR COMPROMETIDOS CON LA IDEA DE “REFLEJO CÍVICO” en sus formas de producción y presentación, en sus formas de acción y responsabilidad y en la manifestación directa y materialización de lo “cívico” y “civil”.  Las performances pueden tener forma de reunión, tareas grupales, talleres, prácticas sociales, contextualización de organizaciones/intervenciones/acciones cívicas pasadas, presentes o imaginadas, performances participativas, expresiones personales/culturales, prácticas reflexivas en el contexto civil personal/cultural/político, derechos civiles y temas relacionados practica y conceptualmente.


Manda un email a con el título CIVIC REFLEX antes del 1 de Marzo. Por favor incluye también respuestas a las preguntas planteadas a continuación. También puedes incluir otra información que consideres relevante, tal vez un párrafo explicando cómo y por qué quieres ser parte de este proyecto y links a tus trabajos/proyectos, biografía, etc.

¿ESTARÁS DISPONIBLE EN PERSONA (en Brooklyn, NY) POR LO MENOS EN 4 DE LOS 5 FÓRUMS? (28 de Abril, 26 de Mayo, 29 de Septiembre, 20 de Octubre, 10 de Noviembre) Por favor especifica cualquier fecha(s) en la que no podrás estar presente o no podrás hacer tu presentación/performance. 

RESPONDE A CUALQUIERA DE LAS SIGUIENTES PREGUNTAS: ¿Cómo pueden los reflejos cívicos ejercitarse más allá (y a pesar) del fascismo corporativo, los complejos industriales y sistemas del suprematismo blanco, los ecocidios y demás? ¿Cómo somos “nosotros” (in)civilizados? ¿Qué significa ser “civiles” el uno con el otro? ¿Cómo puede “uno/tú/nosotros“ romper, reformar y re imaginar la “civilización” incluyendo medios de transporte, recursos, distribución del capital, educación institucional y salud, paradigmas culturales, auto-determinación y fundamentos sociales?¿Cómo, cada unos de nosotros, juega un papel “dentro” o “fuera” de diferentes escalas y estratos de bio-organización, clases económicas y políticas, categorías y otros órdenes “civiles” o “cívicos”? ¿Qué son los derechos civiles? ¿Cómo ejercemos responsabilidad cívica (incluyendo pero también más allá de los presentes y más bien disfuncionales “compromisos” como el voto, el pago de impuestos, las tareas de jurado, la auto-identificación con fines legales y el trabajo, entre otros)?

¿Cómo se relacionan las tácticas de fuga y furtiva, desinversión, construcción situacional, BUFU, intervención, suavidad radical, cuidado, actos de alegría radical queer, relaciones y fenómenos espirituales y metafísicos, y transfiguración cuántica con, desmantelar y / o convertirse en "deberes cívicos" ?

NOTA: artistas / grupos también pueden estar involucrados en el programa acompañante de PPL 9 PROPUESTAS a lo largo de 2018.