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Saturday, March 31st 2018
Event Description: 

Machine/Body: world inside a world

Muyassar writes:

"My current explorations in movement and sound have been involving homemade electronics, voice, movement, performance, and sculpture. One of my devices is microtonal and reacts to
light and movement so it functions as a body-theremin. It becomes a question of what is making the sound: my movements, environment, movements in the environment, or is it the machine? Is the sound making my movement? There is an in-between place of tension. I call these ongoing solo pieces Machine/Body. It represents nature and machine and how the two can coexist. I am interested in creating a cinematic performance, giving an offering to the community, and embodying sound while honoring the future and the ancient. With the microtonal sensor-technology I am currently using, I am able to connect the disciplines of dance and sound."


Muyassar Kurdi ​(b. 1989 in Chicago) is a New York City-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work encompasses sound, extended vocal technique, performance art, movement, photography, and film. She has toured extensively in the U.S. and throughout Europe. A versatile improviser, Muyassar has composed and performed music for voice, harmonium, piano, lyre, autoharp, and theremin in both solo and collaborative environments. She currently focuses her attention to interweaving homemade electronic instruments and sculpture into her vocal and dance performances, stirring a plethora of emotions from her audience members through vicious noise, ritualistic chants, and meditative movements.

Performance highlights include: The Rubin Museum of Art, Issue Project Room, Cafe OTO, Chicago Cultural Center, Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, Bond Chapel, Fridman Gallery, University Galleries, and Judson Memorial Church.

Recent collaborators include Daniel Carter, Diana Policarpo, Ka Baird, Tomomi Adachi, Arrington de Dionyso, Yasuno Miyauchi, Lucie Vitkova, Tyler Damon, and Patrick Holmes, among others.