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Saturday, January 18th 2014
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Three post post post it all choreographer-dancers and their collaborators present ruthlessly conceptual, daringly dainty, and deliberately decisive dances.

◐◑____LAUREL ATWELL____◐◑ Laurel Atwell has been dancing and making dance in New York since 2008. She has performed for a wide variety of artists including Belinda He, Kirstan Clifford, and Patti Bradshaw. Atwell is a student of qi gong with Melanie Maar, poetry with Cynthia Cruz, and hosts a monthly supper club, BIG HOUSE. Her current piece, DOUBLE TAKE, features Atwell and Aya Sato strengthening their ESP abilities while Gordon Landenberger rearranges the space with his custom-made furniture. DOUBLE TAKE is currently being performed throughout the apartments, parks, studios, and backyards of New York.

◐◑____KAIA GILJE____◐◑ Kaia Gilje has danced all over this city and many others. She's been in the NYTimes, worked with notable postdancers Lorene Bouboushian, Paige Fredlund, Lindsey Drury and many famous choreographers and in many respectable very real dance venues, etc etc, yet she has no written bio to be found anywhere on the internet. This is kind of situation only partially explicates why everyone loves her.

◐◑____ALLISON BRAINARD___◐◑ Allison Brainard: Born in Boston, Massachusetts. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York Bard College, Studio Arts, Psychology BA Followed by post post post funk dance party and sing-along. And discussion with the artists. $5-15 pay-what-you-can beer and wine for a suggested donation +++++++++++++++++++++++++ *Postdance was established as a term and as a concept during the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival in July 2013 with a series curated by Lindsey Drury by this name. “Postdance” refers to dance-after-dance, and dance-influenced performance art (and vice versa). POSTDANCE, as a series, investigates the mysterious figure of the choreographer-dancer in the absence of definitions for "dance" and "performance art" as such. In the words of Allison Brainard, "what are they doing? what are they doing?"

This is the third exhibition in the POSTDANCE series at PPL. Part I featured TYKE dance, Rene Kladzyk, and Sura Hertzberg. Part II featured Emily Gastineau & Billy Mullaney, Samantha Johns & George McConnell, and Leslie Kelman.