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SPEECHMUSICCAMP::Geraldo Mercado/Raul de Nieves/FUTURE DEATH TOLL/Lee Todd Lacks with Tom Swafford/Household Tales

Friday, May 2nd 2014
Event Description: 

SPEECHMUSICCAMP::::::::: An interest in communication via the flapping of the jaw and tongue, in addition to sound as art material, IN ADDITION to CAMP - you know, polka dots, sly grins, stripes, et cetera.

Geraldo Mercado

Raul de Nieves


Lee Todd Lacks with Tom Swafford

Household Tales Household Tales sings songs about cemeteries, trains, hangings, shipwrecks, pregnant women, baleful drunks, and urban coyotes, accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars, double bass, drums, and found objects.

Beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery