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Sunday, June 2nd 2013
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Bushwick Open Studios at Panoply Performance Laboratory This year Panoply will be open during its usual Sunday Gallery hours (3pm-6pm) with performances in the evenings.

FORENSICS OF THE FUTURE DAY THREE: SITUATION A very special edition of Performance Art Open Mic! It's that time again, the first Sunday of every month when performance artists and non-performance artists get together at Panoply Performance Laboratory and try to figure out what this thing is. Visual Arts Performance? Body-Based Performance? What is this "performance" thing anyway? Who cares? MC Matthew Silver cares. A lot. About you. And wants to see the work you do. 6:00pm-11:00pm NO COVER Beer for donations

NOTE: This event is meant for performance artists and people interested in defining/redefining performance art, not the "performing arts" in general (poetry, music, dance, etc), though all of these things may be included in a performance art piece, possibly at once. see: