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Thursday, February 6th 2014
Event Description: 

Jesse Harold, Tuomas Laitinen, and Samita Sinha will create a space for intimate encounter at Panoply each Thursday evening in February, exploring how human bodies affect each other through vibration and sound, co-imagination, and presence.

In Terra Toma participants will join Jesse Harold in conjuring undiscovered images, which will materialize in the spaces between and within the bodies of participant and artist. Laitinen invites the participants to work with the experience of Black Square. The iconic Malevich painting is the terrain, which is explored through a performance piece by Reality Research Center called Do-Nothing. Do-Nothing is a character that offers pure, uncompromised presence. We will try to be this character together, and thus approach the place where empty servants dwell and meanings collapse. In Body-Sound Etudes for Cipher, Sinha strips the clearly demarcated space between audience and performer to explore the effects of her vibrating, sounding body her audience through various physical and spatial relationships. Each evening is designed for 6 participants who are invited to take part in all three pieces that night.

Space is very limited; please RSVP to to reserve a space on February 6, 13, 20, or 27. It is not required to attend all nights but you may RSVP for more than one Thursday. Please note that on February 6, only Sinha and Harold will be performing their works (Laitinen will be present as well on February 13, 20, and 27).

Description of the Evenings Feb 6: 8:00 Terra Toma (Jesse Harold) 9:00 Body-Sound Etudes (Samita Sinha) Feb 13: 8:00 Do-Nothing (Tuomas Laitinen) 9:00 Terra Toma (Jesse Harold) 10:00 Body-Sound Etudes (Samita Sinha) Feb 20: 8:00 Do-Nothing (Tuomas Laitinen) 9:00 Terra Toma (Jesse Harold) 10:00 Body-Sound Etudes (Samita Sinha) Feb 27: 8:00 Do-Nothing (Tuomas Laitinen) 9:00 Terra Toma (Jesse Harold) 10:00 Body-Sound Etudes (Samita Sinha)


Jesse Harold is a visual artist who works with ink and paper to create partial interior views of queer bodies, letting those images be exploratory spaces for radical transformations, such as rupture, mutation, death, metamorphosis, and ecstasy. Jesse lives in Queens, and they have worked as a painter, videographer, comic book artist, and in collaboration with performers.

Tuomas Laitinen is a live artist and a director based in Finland. He has been working for the past ten years mainly in Reality Research Center, a Finnish experimental performing arts collective, and in other independent theatre and performance groups. His work consists mainly of inventing new forms of performance which are based on bodily participation of the audience. Lately he has been working with Greek mythology, love, children and primal instincts.

Vocalist/ composer/ performance artist Samita Sinha combines tradition with experiment to create bold new forms, combining raw, visceral energy with a deep grounding in North Indian classical vocal music, body practices, and folk and ritual music in several languages.