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Photos by Nina Isabelle

Muscular Bonding was a life-art and social performance project, Feb. 15-March 6 2018. 

Esther Neff, Kaia Gilje, Adriana Disman, 3dwardsharp and Nina Isabelle drove to St. Louis, MO from Brooklyn, NY and spent 2 weeks working (#sweatequity) at MARSH (Materializing & Activating Radical Social Habitus) with Beth Neff in Carondalet, St. Louis. Over the two weeks, the group devised scores from processes of drywall installation, wall-building, communal eating and sleeping, interaction with neighbors, and other hard labor tasks and elements of social habitus. On March 1 the group of 6 drove materials from the building and surrounding area to Tulsa, OK to participate in the New Genre Arts Festival at Living Arts Tulsa. For 2 days, we interviewed attendees to the festival about their relationships with structurs and the structures of their relationships, asking them to speak colloquially with us and to select any word-cards (each with a score on the back) that could help us materialize their ways of seeing and feeling via sculptural processes and concrete installation. 


The installation/sculpture constructed through 2 days of processes remained at Living Arts Tulsa for one month after the festival.